Sunday, 26 November 2006

Norman Blades

Some Norman Blades 25mm (Foundry miniatures). They can figure in any norman or frankish army of the 11th or 12th century, even as crusader knights (after eating their horses). Historical evidence for early heraldry is scarce. I imagine these footknights to be of a lesser status then their mounted comrades. To show this I paint monochrome heraldic devices on a simple eggshell-colored background (wood and parched leather). They probably painted their shields themselves. The heraldry is made up except the blue one with the six golden lions: this is the coat of arms of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou (1130-1151). It reappears on the tomb of William de Longspee, Earl of Salisbury , bastard son of Henry II Plantagenet and his maitresse, Rosamund de Clifford. I will probable stick this shield on a rich mounted knight later on and give this guy here a simpler design.
Geoffrey d'Anjou Le Beau Funeral plate 12th century


Martin said...

Excellent Shieldwork!!!
I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It really inspires me to go home and fix my own (15 mm) Normans.

Looking forward to more battlereports and especially to see how you turn Laupen into a game.

Keep up the good work - I will definitely come back and see what happens!


Menic said...

Ay Martin,
thanx for commenting and your interest.Yeah, work is slow but I love it.
Next I'll pack up my bags and go to get a live look at the battlefield of Laupen with a camera and publish some pictures here. I live about 10km away. And there's still a primary source to be tapped called "chornica de Berno".
Keep commenting and I'll try to write back! Merry Year and a Happy New Christmas Menic
P.S. how do your 15mm normans look like? I'm still looking for a attraktive looking 15mm army to paint so I can join up with the rest of the DBA-players.

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