Friday, 23 March 2007

1148-1149 Nur-ed-Din kicks some Crusader Booty

A Map for a Nur-ed-Din 1148/49 Campaign based on Steven Runciman's book on the crusades. Antiochia is in big distress after Raimund died with his boots on. Factions would be:
Christians: Armenia Low&High, Antiochia, Byzantium, Kingdom of Jerusalem
Muslim: Seldjuks of Konya, Nur-ed-Din Zhengids, the Assassins and maybe the Kalif of Baghdad.
The Map isn't finished. There's still some research to do on the trading routes (e.g. "Seidenstrasse") and I have to add the mountains and passes (Cilician Gate is missing). The Assassins can figure as allies of Antiochia. The Map to the left shows Syria, Armenia, Cilicia, Edessa, Antiochia. Konya is not on the Map. The placenames appear in three versions: modern (black), byzantine (red), arabic (red). (Map: Wolfgang Felix, Byzanz und die islamische Welt im früheren 11. Jahrhundert, Verlag österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften).

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