Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Army of Seleukos I Nicator

Yesterday I finished my first 15mm DBA Army: Seleucids II-19a. This army has everything I ever wanted to try: pikes, elephants and scythed chariots. All Xyston Minis except the Corvus Belli Elephants.
The army on the road to glory. The elephants are obviously not of indian origin and you might argue about towers on elephants in a seleucid army of this early period as well as the sarissa-armed crew. I love history but I'm not so rigid when it comes to details such as equipement. The ancient sources are so sparse that we will never know what's right or wrong. In the end I do what ever I like, as long as it seems plausible and as long as it looks good.


Krebs said...

Es ist immer wieder eine Freude, Menix Miniatures zu besuchen! Gratulation zur Seleukidenarmee!

Mit Gruss, David

Menic said...

Ay David
Merci für den Besuch! Ich hab' für einige Schilder mein altes "PROPYLAIA" hervorgekramt. David, ich wünsch dir alles gute fürs neue Jahr!

Anonymous said...

I love this work, great job Menic!

I hope to see more 15mm armies from you.


Menic said...

Thanx Mike, next is partians, as soon as I get that d))"(+%"mn masters degree.

I think it's gonna be PArthians or Galatians. MAerk and I are trying to get 2 BBDBA armies together, we still have problems finding the right allies we'd like to paint..

keep up the good work youself! I'll read you on Fanaticus

Greetz menic

Kingo said...

Hi, any chance of selling me your Xyston army of the Seleucids or at least parts of it?. Whats you id in Fanaticus?


Menic said...

Ay Kingo
Sell my Seleucids? all of them? ehm, they are my only 15mm, can't sell them, no. But I could paint you up some!
here's my e-mail (remove the "zzzz" first):

greetz and thanx for interest and enthusiasm!


Menic said...

and my id at Fanaticus is "Haroldo Hic"


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