Sunday, 12 September 2010

Early Swiss some more


Tom said...

Hello Menix
Tom hat gerade Deine Minaturen bestaunt. Nochmals danke für die weitere CD, die noch mehr Lieder beinhaltet. Fränä und ich haben die Erste bereits 2x durchgehört und natürlich auch schon Werbung bei den Nachbarn gemacht. GruZZ!

Menic said...

Ich komm dann mal Dir vorbei, dann zeig ich Dir gern für was die Miniaturen eigentlich benutzt werden...
War schön Euch nochmal zu sehen gestern! Wir Eiern Heiter Weiter, Reithalle forever!

Figurenschieber said...

Hi Menic,
es war toll deine Schweizer gestern in REAL bestaunen zu dürfen. Beim nächsten Spiel gibt es dann aber wieder Käse von Dü - die Klatsche kann ich nicht auf mir sitzen lassen :)

Beste Grüße,
PS: In diesem Jahr hatte ich leider kein Bier dabei. Holen wir im März nach!

Menic said...

Ciao Marius!
Chääsfondue, jawohl, und zwar 3 Tage lang auf dem Schlachtfeld, serviert auf den Hinterbacken von Seleukos, schmatz :P
Bier: Neuerdings tanke ich nur noch alkoholfrei. O Tempo'a O Mo'es :(

criztu said...

where can I buy these soldiers from? what manufacturer? thanks in advance

neldoreth said...

Menix! What have you been up to these past two years?!?!? Still gaming at all, or off to other pursuits?


Menic said...

Hey Nel
no need to worry. Still gaming DBA 2.2 & going strong on painting.
- Galatian / Ancient Brits / Gauls morph army completed
- Won a Later Visigoth army, soon completed too (1x4Wb + Basing still left to do)
- 25mm Germans 13b nearly finished.
- Getting ready to paint Early Imperial Romans, bought Corvus Belli enhanced with beautiful Eureka.miniatures for General-stand and camp followers + centurios :-))
Haven't been active on my blog, rather spend my spare time on gaming and painting

And: I geared up my musical career: started with writing songs and produced an album + tours in Germany/ Netherlands and Ireland, style: "Deep Country Blues". This music thin has priority one, that's the main reason for not updating the blog.

Still I hope to make and post pictures of my Gauls, Xyston stuff, I really love them, they turned out soo nice :-)

Cheers & thanx for aking

best crossbow said...

I value the blog.Thanks Again. Awesome.

This blog is dedicated to ancient and medieval miniature wargaming. I'd like to share pictures of my painted armies and models, self made terrain-pieces and sketches of projects still residing in my head or on a piece of paper.
My main interest at the moment is creating armies and accessories, researching for historical or made-up scenarios and campaigns for the fast-play wargaming rules from "De bellis Antiquitatis" (DBA) with 25mm and 15mm figurines.
I use the blog-format rather unconventionaly. It is more like a scrapbook. And I update the older posts so keep checking. I recommend utilizing the labels to the left. So if your just interested in miniatures click the "Miniatures"-label and you will be presented with posts concerning painting, figurines etc. And don't forget to click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page for more. And many thanks for commenting!
Photographs showing painted toy soldiers, terrain pieces, scratch-built things and drawings © Menic Rüttimann 2.Nov.2006. Please notify me if you wish to use these.

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