Monday, 27 November 2006

Battle at Laupen 1339

The following is a primer for a DBA-scenario I'd like to create. It will be a relief-battle where the beleagered castle stands almost at the enemy base-edge! The following pictures show the last stages of this conflict. This battle took place 150 years before these illuminations where created. They actually show late 15th century troops and technology
To the left you see the Fortress of Laupen besieged by Neuchatel, Greyerz, Savoy and Fribourg as depicted in the "Spiezer Chronik" by Diebold Schilling. It ended when the army of Bern showed up on the wide hill (Bramberg) behind the fortress and after a hard fight routed the enemy. I like the way the castles are depicted. It inspired me to build a similar BUA (see an older post). Here the enemy siege camp is shown. Note the warwagons pulled up to form a perimeter around the two camps in the background. You can see a siege-“katze” with guns sticking out to the sides and the front. Looks like a tank!
The enemy is scaling the walls. The banners show the correct heraldry but I'm not sure about the colours of the clothing. The painter seems to have used only a limited number of colours and might have just distributed them over the troops for optimal contrast. Note the heavy siege-bombards (centre right and upper left corner on the other side of the river).
The relief force from Bern and the allied Vorhut Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (foreground left) stand upon the Bramberg as their Teutonic Priest (centre) from Köniz gets chased around by the unruly and blasphemous enemy.
The Battle. The bernese Gewalthaufen(upper left) wins the day by routing their opponent and then saving the men of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (centre left) who got nailed by enemy cavalry.

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