Monday, 18 December 2006

Finally: DBA in the livingroom

Yesterday I finished my first DBA-Gameboard for 25mm. Since the regular board is a bit too small for my liking I made mine about 98x98cm. The board fits on to our livingroom coffeetable and I can pack it away . With the pictures you get an idea of the size of the board. But there's still some work to be done: I still have to build a shoreline or a waterway (my Sicilians defend on littoral terrain and I'd like to create another gameboard with a more arid appearance for battles around the mediterranean (sanddunes?). And sometime last week I rebased all my 25mm minis onto regular bases with the required 60mm frontage. Contrary to my expectations the armies look far better now then with the former, larger bases (90mm frontage). They acually look real! Wow, I love this game! And now I can set up in our livingroom and it still remains a livingroom (We tested it).

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