Monday, 19 May 2008

The Saracenes challenge The Duke of Salerno

...and get a severe pounding! This is the main clash of battlelines. They were swaying back and forth, but the saracenes lost 4-1. It's no easy task to win on a pool table against the Lombards when all you got is some Cavalry and Light Horse. After the Light Horse blundered and perished against the knights the spears eventually had to do all the dirty work and in the end the ç&*/(/%&ç%! saracene General (to the left on the picture) got himself killed!


Alex W said...

Really superb painting - and a great looking board too - really makes the battle look "alive". A+ work!

Menic said...

Alex - a good ruleset and good looks on the gameboard, thats' all it takes to have fun! That's why I keep on painting 25mm. 15mm is the established DBA-scale and is really handy though...
So I decided to split: medieval armies in 25mm, ancient armies in 15mm.

grtz menic

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