Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Manfreds Last Stand

February 26th 1266 The Battle of Benevento. Manfred, the last swabian King of Siciliy, fights Carl of Anjou. The King dies with most of his army: a large contingent of saracene missiletroops and 200-300 muslim light cavalry, 1200 still loyal german knights and 1000 lombard and tuscan mounted. Manfred is shown starting the battle, the saracenes (in front) charging the french battleline while some lombard foot secure a flank.


Aren said...

hello here freaky fre from belgium.
I want to thank you for setting me on your list with links. You should look for MARLE on internet.
It's in the North of France and it is all about reenactment.Celts, Romans, Gladiators,Knights,...ect.
Marle has an open air museum with a real celtic town. You should see this! I will place some pictures on my blog so you get an idee how it looks like. by the way , I'm waiting for my first 40 footknights form black tree. LIKE your blog and thanks again. Frederik Viaene.

Menic said...

Ay Frederik
merci beaucoup pour l'info. Je ferai des vacances à france cet été mais malheureusement pas au nord de la France! on verra... J'éspère de visiter au moins la construction du château de Guédelon!

And yes: Black Tree's price/quality ratio is very good.
straight ahead and all the best!


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