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Getting Ready for the 25mm DBA Open Tournament in Ulm

We (Tobias from Ulm and me) gladly present our first

25mm DBA Open Tornament


At Ruhetal in Ulm, Germany

When: Saturday, October 31st 2009, 9.30 AM

What: An open tournament, using DBA 2.2 rules with houserules (see below), 120x120cm boards, and painted 25mm figures. Any legal army with elements of 6cm basewidth allowed. Some terrain can be provided, but please feel free to bring some of your own. Loaner armies will be available for anyone without their own troops!


- a. basedepth and figures: The amount of figures per base may differ slightly from the rules. Basedepths may vary, too. But elements still recoil according to their type as given by the rules.

- b. board size: 120x120cm

- c. deployement zone: 900p x 1800p.

- d.. We use larger Area Terrain Features to preserve the gaming experience from the 15mm/60x60cm boards. Steep Hills, Gentle Hills, Woods, Marsh, Rough, Dunes, Oasis must fit inside a rectangle, the length plus width of which totals no more than 9 x 8cm (=72cm). Features cannot be less than 8cm width across in any direction. All other rules remain unchanged. See picture below to get an idea...

- e. Players must commit to a particular army and sublist and chose any options before the start of tournament.

- f. No in-game dismounting. Troops must dismount before the start of tournament J

- g. Lighthorse do not quick-kill spears and pikes.

- h. Camps should fit in an area about 12x12cm.

- i. No BUAs.

We use themetric system

Format: Five games à 1h. The player with the highest score wins. Players get points for good generalship and for eliminated enemy elements and captured camps.

- Victory: 20/0 pts. The player who eliminates 4 elements in a completed game gets 20 Pts. The losing player gets zero points.

- Unfinished Victory: 15/5 pts. The player who eliminates more elements in an uncompleted game gets 15 points. His opponent gets 5 points.

- Draw: 10/10 pts. Both players have eliminated the same number of elements in an uncompleted game. So both get 10 pts.

- Blood: Players get 5 points for every eliminated enemy element

- Captured camps: 10 pts.

- Defeated enemy General: 10 pts.

Prizes: All prizes are 25mm figures. One is a complete DBA-army “Early Crusader” from Perry Miniatures with shield-transfers by Little Big Men Studios. The Winner, the Best Painter and 2nd place can choose in that order.

Cost: 12 Euros for the rent of location and the prizes.

Please Contact Sir Tobi (tobias-at-peylo-dot-net) or menic (menic666-at-yahoo-dot-com) to reserve a spot, or for any questions. Sir Tobi lives in Ulm. He’s glad to help you with accommodation etc.

See you in old germany and let your good dice roll!


thanx to fellow fanatici and tiny soldiers for ideas and guidance!

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