Tuesday, 2 June 2009

This blog might smell a bit...

but it's not dead, I assure you! My focus has just shifted a bit to a couple of things in real life e.g. looking for a new job and working on my songwriting for my first solo-record. The Early-Swiss-Project is 14 figures short from finished. And I'm working on a Cordoba-influenced DBA-camp for my muslim-morph-armies. And playing DBA as much as I can - and that's not too much. So, dear readers, have patience and hang on. Thanx!


Neldoreth said...

That's great, I am eagerly awaiting the Swiss :) Now that your Parthians are done and your Swiss are almost done, you can start thinking about ordering more figures! Have you been able to keep from ordering more figs since you posted that back in May 2008? I know I've made similar resolutions and failed to keep them ;)


Menic said...

Ay Nel,
just saw you post...as time flies!

Yesterday I finished my last swiss Halbardier! The bases still need to be made...But they look so good already! I love these 6Bd elements, I put 7-8 figures on a base though!

More figures? No, just but a used car and my money went down the sink, so, no new figures.

But there's still enough lying around. I have to paint some medieval germans next so my Early Swiss have someone to play with. The focus is still on the Battle at Laupen 1339...

greets and thanx for posting!
read you on fanaticus


airhead said...

Hi Menic, great to see you back posting. Even when you where away doing other things, I always found new and inspiring stuff to look at on your site.

All the best


best crossbow said...

This is one awesome blog.

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