Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Thematic Byzantine Army III/29

In the late seventh century, Byzantium lost large parts of its territory to the Sarascenes notably the wealthy provinces of Palestine, Egypt and Syria, thus reducing imperial income and defences dramatically. As a result, the Empire reorganised the governement of the threatened Anatolian provinces and the army by establishing a new division of territory into "Themes", each with it's own army commanded by a Strategos who presided the civil governement of the theme as well. This arrangement proved efficient enough to ensure the survival and eventual recovery of the Empire for centuries to come. The theme system desintegrated after the Seldjuks defeated the Byzantines in 1071 at Manzikert and overran most of Anatolia.

The thematic armies of Byzantium are represented in DBA as a cavalry-heavy force (mostly Cv, some LH) and a small core of heavy Infantry (Pikes & Bows). The Figures are from Alain Touller and Essex.
Thematic Byzantine DBA Army, all options.

The Startegos (3Cv)
The Strategos with a cavalry unit (3CvGen + 3Cv, Alain Touller)
Cavalry (4x3Cv, Alain Touller)
Two units of double based 6Cv (Alain Touller)
Three squadrons of Light Horse (Essex Huns)
The Infantry (1x4Bw and 1x2Ps, Alain Touller and Essex)
The Infantry (2x4Pk, 1x2Ps, 1x4Bw)


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