Saturday, 5 December 2015

II/56 Early Imperial Roman Army

This is the LEGIO XI RAPAX (latin = "predatory") and was stationed in Vindonissa (Windisch/ Switzerland) from AD 43.It is represented by one DBA Army 15mm, figures cast by Eureka Miniatures, Corvus Belli, Essex and Baueda.

Aquilifer, Signiferi und Bucinarii as Camp Followers (Eureka Miniatures)

The XI Legion deployed in battle order one

The XI Legion in battle order two
The Legionaries (4x4Bd, Corvus Belli)
The Legionaries (4x4Bd)
The Auxiliary Cohorts (4x4Ax, Corvus Belli)
The Legate (3Cv Gen, Eureka Miniatures)
Cavalry Cohort 1 (3Cv, Corvus Belli)
Cavalry Cohort2 (3Cv, Corvus Belli)
Cavalry Cohort 3 (3Cv, Corvus Belli)
The Ballista with crew in a fortified position (Art, Corvus Belli)
The Ballista with crew in a fortified position (Art)
An Auxiliary Cohort of Bows (3Bw, Corvus Belli & Essex)
Bows supported by slingers (3Bw + 2Ps, Corvus Belli)
Bows supported by slingers (3Bw + 2Ps)
Light Horse from North Africa (2LH, Corvus Belli)
The Camp with Camp Followers,legionaries (Baueda) building the marching camp (scratch built) and tents (Baueda).


Herr Zinnling said...

Great to see you back after 5 years. By the way, we met at the Zürihegel in 2009. You played Parthians, I played Numidians. Don't remember who won, but your army looked amazing. Cheers, Karl

Phil said...

Fantastic details on this beautiful army!

Telamon said...


Inkub said...

Simply stunning. Excellent work here.

Michael Porter said...

Great to see you back at it!

John said...

Outstanding work. Your painting humbles me. I am still working on my first DBA armies

I particularly like the camp - what dimensions did you use ?

I think that the followers base doesn't work - it is too thick. You could cut out the followers base from the camp (with an empty base to slot in when the followers unwisely exit) or make the camp base thicker

I saw this posted on Yahoo DBA group


fireymonkeyboy said...

Wow, that's lovely work. Well done!


Menic said...

Thanx for all your kind words and suggestions! And @ Mike : Thematic Byzantines are coming up soon. You still into the Byzzies I presume? Cheers & Merry Christmas

best crossbow said...

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