Wednesday, 16 December 2015


I'm sure you fellow collectors know the same predicament: you are left with tons of unused miniatures stowed away on the attic in dusty boxes due to  lack of time to paint them or because you  shifted fields of interest to other historical periods or rule systems. Now, I decided to let them go and sell them to gamers and  painters like you who can make better use of them. In the MENIX MINIATURES SHOP on Ebay I sell anything from 28, 25 or 15mm figures painted by me, anything from fantasy to historical. Some on auctions or favorable prices, others somewhat more expensive, since I spent much love and time assembling and painting them. So, feel free to drop by once in a while, bookmark the MENIX MINIATURES SHOP, and be sure to be the first on the block to own an ORIGINALLY MENIC-painted miniature!

23 Imperial Halbardiers Warhammer Fantasy Battle, 28mm, Games Workshop, fully painted: Go to the action here!

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This blog is dedicated to ancient and medieval miniature wargaming. I'd like to share pictures of my painted armies and models, self made terrain-pieces and sketches of projects still residing in my head or on a piece of paper.
My main interest at the moment is creating armies and accessories, researching for historical or made-up scenarios and campaigns for the fast-play wargaming rules from "De bellis Antiquitatis" (DBA) with 25mm and 15mm figurines.
I use the blog-format rather unconventionaly. It is more like a scrapbook. And I update the older posts so keep checking. I recommend utilizing the labels to the left. So if your just interested in miniatures click the "Miniatures"-label and you will be presented with posts concerning painting, figurines etc. And don't forget to click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page for more. And many thanks for commenting!
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